Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hello Again

Well, Tumblr didn't really work out for me. I still have it, but I haven't really used it. I'm going to return to posting updates here sporadically. As before I will simply post reviews for whatever catches my fancy, from any and all genres (with the exception of YA because I have a separate blog dedicated to that genre). All reviews posted here are honest reviews, but they are also all positive reviews. If I don't like a book, I don't review it.

Now on to part of the reason that I'm posting this. I have stumbled upon a TBR Read-a-thon over at the Wishful Endings blog that I intend to participate in. It sounds like a good way to keep me motivated and read through my books. The Read-a-thon goes from September 8th to the 21st. During that time I'm going to try to read through at least 10 books, if not 15.

If you're interested in doing the challenge with Wishful Endings, you can check it out here


  1. Glad you joined the read-a-thon! I hope you do get through at least 10 books if not more. :)

  2. Wow--you've got a very ambitious goal! Best of luck!!